Traditional Lasagne Recipe

Based on a type of fresh egg pasta in the shape of rectangles known as “Lasagne” which is first assembled in a pan and stuffed in layers with meat sauce, bechamel, and parmesan and finally baked in the oven where all ingredients bind together giving life to an appetizing and succulent Pasticcio Here is the Lasagna Recipe for you which is well-loved and well-known all over the world With all the tips tricks and step-by-step photos to show you how to make Lasagna at home just like Nonna and the best Bolognese restaurants.

There are several regional variations and many versions ranging from vegetarian lasagna to those with fish as with any traditional recipe. What I’m sharing with you today is the original recipe for traditional Emilian baked Lasagne alla Bolognese from my regional cookery book. It is a simple albeit laborious preparation and you will need some time to complete the various steps. First and foremost make an excellent Bolognese sauce with high-quality ingredients and allow it to simmer slowly. Then by hand cut the fresh pasta rectangles. You have the option of a green lasagna with spinach (as tradition dictates) or the traditional egg. In the absence of time you can purchase them from your favorite pasta factory. The secret to perfect baked Lasagna is to assemble in the pan when the toppings are creamy and very cold rather than liquid. In this manner they will perfectly blend with the layers of pasta Allow it to rest and cool after cooking so the slices can be easily cut Lasagne like Cannelloni the classic baked Pasta and the delectable Conchiglioni is the traditional first course of holidays Christmas New Year’s Sundays with the family, birthdays, and buffets You can make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge until ready to cook or bake them the day before and reheat them on the spot.

Yield: 1

Traditional Lasagne Recipe

traditional lasagne recipe

The Lasagne is a classic baked main dish typical of Italian cuisine particularly dell Emilia Romagna and specifically of Bologna and is also known as lasagne bolognese.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 25 minutes


For the fresh lasagna sheet

  • 150 gr of soft wheat flour
  • 50 grams of flour
  • 2 large whole eggs
  • sale q.b.
  • 250 grams of Parmesan for the layers

For the Bolognese sauce

  • 600 grams of ground beef
  • 250 grams of minced pork
  • 700 ml of thick tomato sauce + water
  • 1 small white onion
  • 70 gr of celery
  • 70 gr of carrot
  • 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 100 ml of red wine (white also good)
  • 50 ml of whole milk
  • sale
  • pepe

For the bechamel

  • 1 \ 2 l of whole milk
  • 50 gr of butter (or 50 gr of extra virgin olive oil)
  • 50 grams of flour
  • sale
  • pepe


    1. First and foremost lay the groundwork for the realization.
    2. First and foremost, the ragu is made in the same manner as the RAGU ALLA BOLOGNESE and the ingredients are nearly identical; all of the information is provided along with step-by-step photos.
    3. Then make the dough according to the directions in FRESH PASTA, and carve the rectangles directly to the size of your pan.
    4. Finally, make the Bechamel by melting the butter or oil into the flour and gradually adding the milk while constantly stirring until the mixture is soft and smooth. Finally, season with salt and pepper. Use contact film to protect the surface.
    5. You can assemble your lasagna once the bases are ready and cold.
    6. 1 ladle of meat sauce in a pan followed by one or more sheets of lasagna to cover the base
    7. Then add 2 ladles of meat sauce and a few spoonfuls of béchamel before finishing with a sprinkling of Parmesan.
    8. On the sheets, spread the meat sauce and béchamel - Bolognese lasagna recipe
    9. Then add another sheet of lasagna and repeat the process.
    10. Finally, top with 2 ladles of meat sauce, a few tablespoons of bechamel, and a sprinkle of Parmesan.
    11. Finally, cover the pan with aluminum foil to ensure that the ingredients blend perfectly without burning.
    12. Then bake for about 30 minutes in a hot static oven at 180 ° in the center, then remove the aluminum foil, transfer to the upper level, and cook for another 15 minutes. In the last 5 minutes, turn on the grill and raise the temperature to 200° to get the crust
    13. Remove from the oven and set aside for at least 15 minutes to cool.
    14. Your lasagna is ready to bake


  • You can store it in the fridge for 2 - 3 days, reheat it right away, or freeze it.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 1663Total Fat 93gSaturated Fat 41gTrans Fat 2gUnsaturated Fat 41gCholesterol 415mgSodium 2530mgCarbohydrates 96gFiber 5gSugar 35gProtein 104g
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