Best Kitchen Coffee Machines

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting its way into the bedroom in the morning.

Long gone are the days of an uninspiring morning brew made from instant granules – now we can have the choice and quality of the local coffee shop without leaving the house. How will you take it?


Five cup sizes from one great little machine.

Whether you are after a quick espresso or have time to luxuriate with a gran lungo, this machine has you covered. With four different capsule sizes available you will be able to choose the coffee that is best for you.

Simply pop in the capsule, close the lever and seconds later you will be enjoying a great tasting coffee topped with a perfect crema.

Best features
• Small
• Great range of coffee options
• No mess


A well-priced bold and beautiful addition to the kitchen.

This machine will make anything from the classic cappuccinos and Americanos through to iced drinks and rich hot chocolates.

Available in sleek black, glossy white or cherry red, there is a colour for every kitchen.

It has an easy to use, mechanical lever that enables you to adjust the volume of your drink to your perfect level.

It is also very easy to clean.

Best of all, you can be confident in this product as it has been tested and endorsed by the experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Best features:
• Huge variety of drinks
• Easy to clean
• Expert endorsement


A top of the range choice that brews first-rate coffee at the touch of a button.

If you are looking for something in the upper and of the price range then this is a great choice.

It has a patented system that will prepare lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos at the touch of a button.

It can be programmed to personalise and memorise exactly how you like your coffee and it has a speedy heating up time. Incredibly, it is ready to go in around 25 seconds!

Best features:
• Personalise your drink
• Heats very quickly
• Auto shut-off


A beautiful traditional style pump machine that will make your kitchen look like a Florentine café!

This is a delightfully crafted pump that is available in back, red or the classic stainless steel look.

It has a 15 bar pressure dispense mechanism that produces rich, dark coffee topped with that perfect crema that we have come to love!

It is only 15cm wide so it can be positioned almost anywhere in the kitchen.

It also has a manual frother so that you can heat and froth the milk exactly to your liking.

Best features:
• Small
• Great look
• Manual frother


An elegant and versatile machine compatible with both pods and ground coffee.

This machine has a patented water boiler system that prevents drips and pressure loss ensuring a perfect espresso every time.

It also has a heated plate on the top of the machine that will keep your cups and glasses at drinking temperature.

The removable water tank holds up to 1.25 litres and the steam wand allows you to froth your milk to your individual taste.

In addition, it has an automatic shut off in the event of high pressure.

Best features:
• Large water capacity
• Heated plate
• Automatic safety shut off

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