Best Rice Cookers for the Kitchen

Remember when cooking rice was a chore? Constantly stirring the pot to make sure the grains didn’t stick to the bottom. Then, draining the starchy water out into the sink and stirring the rice in the sieve so it didn’t clump together. And then, washing everything up! I’m very glad those days are behind us…


CAPACITY 1.2 litre

A great quality cooker that is perfect for jasmine and basmati rice.

This is a high-performance product that makes perfect rice every time.

It has a premium coated non-stick inner pot that features a keep-warm function for up to 8 hours.

Your rice will cook through evenly with no burning and no tough grains.
An ideal product for anyone looking for a simple, no-frills rice cooker.

Best features:
• 8-hour keep-warm function
• Non-stick inner pot
• Good price



A large rice cooker that doubles up as a useful steamer.

This cooker has a huge 1.8 litre capacity which can cook up to 10 cups of rice at a time.

As well as cooking great rice, the cooker comes with an additional tray which is perfect for steaming fish or vegetables while the rice cooks.

It also comes with a spatula and measuring cup that allows you to serve the right amount of rice every time.

Elegant looking, wipe-clean and with a non-stick, removable bowl.

Best features
• Non-stick bowl
• Tray for cooking additional elements supplied
• Wipe clean



An amazing mini cooker that cooks fantastic rice – and a great deal more!

Why just buy a rice cooker when, for a similar price, you can get a cooker that also does curry, soups casseroles, cakes and more?

This is an amazingly versatile piece of kit that is great for quick and convenient cooking.

It has eight different programs that can be started with the touch of a button. A timer will then beep to alert you when the food is ready.

A stay warm function, a removable non-stick pot and a rice spoon included. A great option.

Best features
• Versatile
• Rice spoon included
• Eight cooking functions


CAPACITY 2 litre

A microwave rice cooker that looks great on the shelf.

This is a product from the iconic Joseph range of cookware. Great looking and functional.

It is made up of a two litre cooking pot and colander. It also comes with a rice paddle, measuring cup and a lockable lid.

Simply measure the rice into the pot, fill with water and microwave – what could be simpler?

When you are done, all of the elements are dishwasher safe so the clean up is a breeze!

Best features
• Easy cleanup
• Everything you need is included
• Very easy to use



A sturdy cooker that can cook, steam and keep warm.

This product allows you to cook healthy, steamed rice while preserving all of the nutrients. It will also keep the rice warm for up to 6 hours.

It has a tough lid made from tempered glass which guards against damage from high cooking temperatures.

It starts working with just the push of a button and automatically adjusts to the right temperature during the cooking process.

It also features cool-touch handles for easy portability.

Best features:
• Cool touch handles
• One touch process
• Tempered glass lid