Best Pot & Pan Sets for Your Kitchen

So, you’re ready for your next set of pots and pans but where do you start? There is so much choice out there!

The number of brands grows by the day and with materials ranging from cast iron, aluminum, stainless-steel the list appears endless. The choice seems to be just pot luck! Well, not any more…


A well-priced set from a great name in kitchenware.

This great looking set is available in either cream, red or black.

It is dishwasher safe although the manufacturer recommends hand wash for easy cleaning.

It is suitable for all types of hob other than induction.

As well as the pans themselves, this set also comes with a range of accessories; a ladle, a pizza cutter, a can-opener and more.

Best features
• Range of colours
• Lots of accessories
• Budget price


An eye-catching, cherry red set made from quality aluminum.

This is a professional cookware set that certainly makes a splash in the kitchen.

The exterior metallic paint is scratch resistant and also built to withstand high temperatures.

The pans are built with three layers of Whitford non-stick coating that allows food to slide straight off the surface onto the plate.

The non-stick coating also allows for a lot less oil use which is great for a healthy dinner!

Suitable for induction as well as all other heat sources.

Best features
• Striking cherry-red design
• Three-layer non-stick surface
• Dishwasher friendly


A quality set made from ultra-durable aluminum.

This set is built with an innovative ceramic coating that means you can cook many dishes without the need for oil at all. When finished the food simply slides off the non-stick surface.

The stay-cool handles allow you to move the pans around the kitchen easily.

The tempered glass lids enable you to see how your dinner is coming along without having to open the pot and let heat escape.

Best features
• Ceramic coating
• Stay cool handles
• Tempered glass lids


A 9 piece marble effect set that is suitable for induction hobs.

Featuring three different pots, two frying pans and a skillet pan, this set has all the bases covered.

It is coated in a nice, marble effect non-stick coating which makes cooking and cleaning up hassle-free.

The pots have tempered glass lids to speed up the cooking process. They also have handy air vents to let the pressure escape from the pan when in use.

The induction steel base at the bottom of each pan ensures that food cooks quickly and easily.

Best features
• Vented and tempered glass lids
• Steel base to help evenly cook food
• Marble effect


A high-end set that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This is a quality set that you will be able to pass down to the next generation of little chefs.

They are made from hard-anodized aluminium with stainless steel bases and are perfectly balanced for ease of use.

They are suitable for all types of heat sources and they are even oven safe to 240 degrees.

Dishwasher friendly and with a unique non-stick coating that has been proven to last
15 times longer than their nearest competitor.

They have close-fitting stainless steel lids and tough riveted handles. These pans are certainly built to last!

Best features
• Lifetime guarantee
• Very tough
• Fantastic non-stick coating

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