Best Storage Jars for the Kitchen

In my opinion, storage jars are a vastly underrated piece of kitchenware. They keep their contents fresh and dry. They maximise cupboard space. They allow you to see ‘what’s in’ without rummaging through bags and tins. Also – they look great! Let’s lift the lid on a few…


A tough collection of containers that are built to last.

This set certainly makes the most of the space available. They stack one on top of the other, allowing you to see exactly what the cupboard holds at a glance.

They have high impact ABS plastic lids that prevent breakages and they also feature an
airtight lock mechanism that keeps the food fresh.

There are seven containers in total and each has reusable chalkboard labels. This allows you to keep track of which container holds what and also to change their uses
over time.

Best features
• Reusable labels
• Tough, air-tight lids
• Stackable


The original and many still say the best!

These are the classic jars that you have no doubt seen on display in the background of many a cooking program over the years.

They are made from tough durable glass that bearing the iconic Kilner logo.

They have storage capacity of one litre each and look great in a cupboard or out on the shelves of a dresser.

They come complete with a rubber gel seal that keeps food fresh and dry.

Best features
• Classic look
• Tough glass
• Gel seal


A set of elegant, airtight jars.

These jars are available in a variety of sets and sizes. They are designed for food but also work great for tea bags, coffee, and loose spices.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe and made from thick borosilicate glass.

As well as being heat resistant, borosilicate glass is lightweight, durable and even more crystal clear than other equivalent glass.

They have easy fit, air-tight lids that feature a handy removable seal. This allows you to wash the seals separately should you wish to.

Best features
• Borosilicate glass
• Elegant looking
• Removable lid seals


A handy rack that holds 16 different spices. A must for the ambitious chef!

This is a handy little product for those that like to cook with spices.

The 16 jars revolve on a central plinth allowing you to quickly and conveniently select the spice that you need.

The rack itself is sturdy and robust and has a total weight of 1.5kg.

The rack comes with 24 labels that can be fixed on top of the jars. This way you can easily identify the one you are looking for without removing then from the rack itself.

Best features
• Rotating
• Labels for bottles supplied
• Sturdy


A set of six cylindrical jars that will store everything from spaghetti to rice.

These bottles are made from high quality, heat resistant borosilicate glass with snugly fitting air-tight bamboo lids.

They are suitable for storing both wet (jam, cut fruit) and dry (pasta, flour) food and will keep the contents fresh and hygienic.

The rounded design makes them great for space-saving in your cupboard and also very easy to clean without those difficult corners!

Best features
• Easy to clean
• Bamboo lids
• Borosilicate glass

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