Best Digital Scales for Your Kitchen

Recently a great deal more of us have got into baking. I know I have! From sourdough to banana bread, muffins to chocolate brownies, people have been learning new recipes. However, as many of us have also found out to our cost, it’s important to get the measurements right…


MATERIAL: Stainless steel| WEIGHT: 340g

An ultra-slim, competitively priced scale that is perfect for a small kitchen.

This scale will record measurements up to 5kg with astonishing accuracy.
It has a sleek yet robust design, its stainless steel lines looking at home on the worktop.

It allows you to quickly convert between various units of measurement (grams, ounces, millilitres, and more) and the figures are displayed on the easy to read LCD.

It also features an auto-zero function for easy compatibility with other containers.

Best features:
• Ultra-slim
• Very light
• Switch between different measurements easily


MATERIAL: Plastic| WEIGHT: 75g

A highly precise and compact scale, perfect to slip between your cookbooks.

This scale will measure weights of up to 3kg.

It has a very useful ON-ZERO button which allows you to measure out all of your ingredients into the same bowl. Simply press the button to reset the scale after you add each different element.

It has a very large, easy to read display and can switch easily between metric and imperial.

Best of all, it comes with a battery!

Best features:
• ON-ZERO function
• Large display
• Battery included


MATERIAL: Stainless steel| WEIGHT: 590g

A professional kitchen-grade scale with a detachable 2L bowl.

This scale would certainly not look out of place in a high-end restaurant kitchen.

It is made with robust stainless steel for long-lasting style and durability. This is backed up by a two-year warranty.

It has a bright backlight on the display and a useful two-minute auto-off that saves on battery life.

It has a 5kg load capacity.

Best features:
• Auto-off feature
• Detachable bowl
• Two-year warranty


MATERIAL: Plastic| WEIGHT: 560g

A functional and very accurate set of scales with a 1.5L bowl.

This scale will record measurements to within 0.1g with astonishing accuracy.

This scale is available in either red or black and it comes fitted with a detachable mixing bowl.

The LCD screen is slanted at a convenient angle which makes the display very easy to read.

It also features a button that will reset the scale to zero after each ingredient is added. This allows you to measure everything into the same bowl.

Best features:
• Choice of colours
• Slanted screen
• Very accurate


MATERIAL: Plastic| WEIGHT: 420g

A traditional plastic scale with a massive 15-year guarantee!

This scale reminds me of the ones my mother would use when I was growing up.

It has a robust plastic bowl that sits on a rotating, easy to read twin dial.

The bowl itself is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and it also sits over the top of the scale when not in use for easy, dust-free storage.

The scale will measure accurately up to 3kg.

Best features:
• Robust, detachable bowl
• 15-year guarantee
• Very compact to store

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