Best Paint for Kitchens & Cabinets

My kitchen is certainly the busiest room in the house. And as such, I made sure to paint it with specialist kitchen paint.

The paint is much easier to wipe down and protects against stains, dirt and mildew. Not to mention, the little pot that was leftover is perfect to touch up the odd chip or scuff!


Exceptionally robust grease resistant paint.

This paint has been the ‘go-to’ choice for many people I know that have repainted their kitchens.

Its greaseproof formulation will stand up to every day cooking stains and it is washable without fading the colour.

It does require two coats with either a brush or a roller and it is advisable to leave at least 5 hours between coats.

It will keep even the busiest kitchen looking great for years!

Best features
• Greaseproof
• Easy to wash
• Rugged and robust


A bright and airy paint that will open up even the smallest of spaces.This paint is designed to resist stains, grease and stand up well against the moisture of the kitchen.

It has a very low odour and a delightful pastel lemon colour that really brings out the best in smaller kitchens.

Any spills can be easily wiped away leaving the surfaces clean retaining that freshly painted look for a long time to come.

Best features
• Great lemon colour
• Good for smaller kitchens
• Wipe clean


A durable paint, perfect for kitchen cupboards.

This paint will transform the whole look of the kitchen with just one application.
It requires no undercoat and has a remarkable low odour.

It is available in a range of different colours including Fresh Apple, Pale Grey and White. My particular favourite is the Antique Cream – it gives any kitchen a delightful rural look.

It is touch dry within 1 hour and completely ready in under 5 hours

Best features
• Touch dry in one hour
• Range of colours
• Low odour


A water-based acrylic paint that is paint and primer all in one.

This product has a one-day application that dries over the course of the day to a soft, satin finish.

All the tools you will need to do the job are included including brushes and rollers.

There is very little preparation need, you can simply paint the doors and cabinets without stripping or priming.

Best features
• Tools included
• Great looking satin finish
• No preparation required


A perfect product for kitchen walls and ceilings available in a range of colours.

This is a rugged, grease-resistant paint that leaves the wall staying just the way you painted it for a long time to come.

It dries in five hours and, once dried, is wipe clean and moisture resistant.

It is available in 8 different colours but keep an eye out for the nutmeg white. To my mind it is the best of the bunch and a colour that is very difficult to find with other brands.

A great paint for a great price that will stay fresh for years.

Best features
• Moisture resistant
• Matt finish
• 8 different colours available

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