Best Kitchen Mats & Anti Fatigue Mats

My kitchen mat keeps my feet toasty as I cook. It catches crumbs, shavings, and anything else that drops from the worktop. It is easy to clean and it prevents me from slipping as I race around the kitchen cooking up a storm. My kitchen just wouldn’t be the same without it!


SIZES: Variety

A good mat at a great price, hardwearing and functional.

This is a budget mat that can do a great job in a kitchen. It is made from nylon and non-slip latex and comes in 16 different designs and 10 different sizes.

It is machine washable at 30 degrees.

The non-slip backing makes it a perfect choice for the busy kitchen. Its anti-creep technology holds it tight to the floor and prevents tripping or other kitchen mishaps!

Best features
• Anti-creep
• Great prices
• Large variety of sizes and colours


SIZE: Variety – up to 120 x 180cm

A perfect choice for galley kitchens or for those with a lot of room.

This mat would not look out of place in a commercial kitchen.

The rubber backing prevents slipping and the rubber edges do not curl up at the corners. No tripping on this mat!

It is made with a non-shed pile material which keeps the mat looking new for a long time and the propylene finish is rugged and tough.

Perhaps not the most attractive to look at but certainly functional and a must-have for a hard-working kitchen.

Best features
• Propylene finish
• Extra large
• Non-shed pile


SIZE: 44x70cm and 44x120cm

A two-piece set featuring a large central mat and smaller doormat.

These are thick, anti-fatigue mats that are great for tired feet after a long day.

Whether you are cooking, entertaining or simply spending family time in the kitchen, these mats are designed to relieve pressure on your feet, ankles and calves.

They are made from high-density PVC and are durable, waterproof and anti-slip.

Best of all, any spillages can just be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Best features
• Foot and ankle support
• Non-slip
• Wipe-clean


SIZE: 45x120cm and 45x70cm

A two-piece mat and runner set would be great for a porch kitchen and entrance.

These mats are made from environmentally friendly polypropylene fibre and have a tough, non-slip latex backing.

They are particularly designed for water absorption and will keep your kitchen dry and puddle-free.

They have a low profile which helps prevent tripping and a rugged edge stitching to prevent fraying.

They are fully machine-washable and have a classic attractive tree design.

Best features
• Great design
• Machine washable
• Absorb water


SIZE: 44x70cm and 44x120cm

A super two-piece set available in a range of colours.

I love the design of these mats. Make no mistake, they are certainly designed with the kitchen in mind! They feature pictures of forks, knives and other utensils along with different kitchen phrases.

They are comfortably cushioned and are non-slip on a variety of surfaces including wood, marble, laminate and more.

They are wonderfully easy-care – simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth. They are also designed to resist stains, spillages and pet hair.

Best features
• Great design
• Stain resistant
• Easy care

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