Best Extractor Hoods for the Kitchen

Whilst I love the smell of a delicious spicy curry or a warming rich stew of an evening, these are not necessarily aromas that I welcome at breakfast! This is why I love my extractor hood. It keeps the kitchen fresh, cool and smoke-free – just the way I like it in the morning.


SIZE: 48 x 60 x 58cm | WEIGHT 9.18kg

A stainless steel chimney hood at a great price.

This is an exceptionally quiet fan that will absorb smoke, grease and also dust to keep your kitchen healthy and smelling great.

It has a range of LED lightbulbs inside the hood that illuminates your hob whilst cooking and its neutral silver colour makes it suitable for most kitchen decors.

It has a three-speed, push-button control and two washable aluminum grease filters.

Best features
• Quiet
• LED lighting
• Neutral design


SIZE: 64 x 55.8 x 18cm | WEIGHT 6.83kg

A lightweight and attractive hood that is very easy to install.

This hood is finished in polished stainless steel and can be installed in a number of different ways to suit your particular kitchen.

If you are unable to vent through an outside wall then you can set it to recirculate the air in your kitchen, ridding the kitchen of unpleasant smells before blasting fresh air out through the top of the fan.

If you do have an air duct, you can affix the fan to the base and expel the smells, and grease outside.

It has LED lighting and a washable grease filter.

Best features
• No need for an outside duct
• LED lighting
• Washable filter


SIZE: 50 x 50 x 8cm | WEIGHT 5.78kg

A mini, portable hood that still packs quite a punch.This slimline cooker hood is perfect for those that live in smaller apartments or petite cottages where space is at a premium.

It can either be installed under your cabinets or, if you have an air duct, can be fixed to the chimney as you would a traditional, built-in hood.

It has a very high extraction rate along with a low noise level and a rugged filter that absorbs grease dust and smoke.

It can be hung simply using screws at the front and back of the product.

Best features
• Quiet
• Slimline
• Perfect for smaller spaces


SIZE: 65.2 x 58.4 x 42.2cm | WEIGHT 14.42kg

A heavyweight, fixed extraction unit that has a two-year warranty.

This is a traditional chimney cooker hood with a very high suction power but low noise levels.

It has a stylish glass and stainless steel design and is very easy to clean – both the inner filters and the outer, wipe down surfaces.

It has a carbon filter for those that do not have a duct outside but works best when it
is integrated into an outdoor chimney.

Best of all, it is designed to work for over 100,000 hours!

Best features
• Easy to clean
• Sturdy, fitted design
• High suction power


SIZE: 60.1 x 27 x 38cm | WEIGHT 8.5kg

An integrated, built-in cooker hood that mounts discreetly into your existing units.

This is a powerful fan with three speeds and an understated silver finish.

It also comes with a very generous 5-year parts and 2-year labour guarantee.

It is perfect for minimalist kitchens. It can fit seamlessly into a cupboard or storage unit and remain out of sight when not in use.

It is also suitable for internal re-circulation. The air is passed through a charcoal filter and then regenerated back into the room.

It also works equally well, if not better with external extraction.

Best features:
• Integrated
• Charcoal filter
• Great guarantee

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