Best Roller & Venetian Blinds for the Kitchen

With the autumn nights drawing in and the morning sun struggling to make its way into your kitchen of a morning, a kitchen blind might not be top of your current shopping list! However, we’ve all got a little extra time on our hands at the moment, so why not get ahead of the spring sunshine?


SIZE: W 90 D170cm

An appealing, leaf-pattern blind available in a variety of colours.

This blind is particularly good for the kitchen as its innovative coating keeps heat in during the winter months but reflects heat in the summer

It is made from polyester and is 100% wipe clean – which is quite the benefit when it comes to a messy kitchen!

Nice looking and well- priced, a great blind for the kitchen.

Best features:
• Wipe clean
• Thermal coating
• Nice looking pattern


SIZE: W 75 D150cm

Premium-quality blinds that come with a free made to measure service.

These are very nice looking, overlapping slatted blinds that have the added benefit of fitting every time! When you buy, simply provide your measurements and they will be cut accordingly.

They arrive with screws, brackets and strings – everything you need to hang the blinds quickly and easily.

A choice of grey or white and bespoke for your windows!

Best features:
• Made to measure
• Easy fitting
• Slatted


SIZE: Various

A brightly coloured blind that will certainly make your kitchen stand out!

This blind boasts a modern design and is available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. From Signal red through to chocolate and Ivory, there will certainly be something suitable for your kitchen.

It benefits from being made out of wipe-clean polyester which can come in very useful after a long night’s cooking.

A roller blind with a steel centred inner tube

Best features:
• Wipe clean
• Striking selection of colours
• Sturdy steel inner tube


SIZE: Variety

A thermal blackout roller blind that resists colour fading.

This thermal blind can be used to make the kitchen cosy and warm over dinner but will roll away smoothly and easily the following morning. You can effortlessly raise and lower the blind using its sturdy cord.

It is very simple to install and comes with mounting clips. No drilling required you will be pleased to hear!

It comes in a variety of contemporary stylish colours such as bright white, slate grey and black.

Best features:
• Easy mounting
• Sturdy cord
• Contemporary colours


SIZE: Variety

A minimalist Venetian style blind that is great for privacy and light control.

This blind is constructed with waterproof aluminium slats that can be tilted using the wand on the side. This allows you to decide just how much light you would like to let in at different times of the day.

It also has an auto-lock cord which holds the blind steady at your chosen height.

It has a UV protective coating to reflect harmful summer rays and a helpful little hook to keep the rope away from tiny fingers!

Best features:
• Childproof
• UV protection
• Tilting slats

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