Best Sleek Kitchen Bins

No kitchen is complete without the addition of a kitchen bin. Whilst they might not be the most exciting part of your kitchen arsenal, they are functional, hygienic and essential. That said – there is no need for them to be boring! Have a look at some of these eye-catchers…


Size: L 42.5 W 37.2 H 65.7cm | Weight: 5.99kg

A rectangular, soft-close dustbin with a steel bar pedal.

This stylish bin will look great in your kitchen. It is constructed from durable, smudge-resistant stainless steel and has a clean, minimalistic design.

It features a heavy-duty interior bucket that can be easily removed for rubbish disposal.

It also has firm, non-slip rubber pads in the bottom to ensure that it stays secure.

The steel foot pedal that lifts the soft-close lid is designed to withstand an incredible 100,000 steps!

Best features:
• Rubber pads
• Soft-close lid
• Smudge-proof steel


Size: L 17.5 W 25.3 H 28.6cm | Weight: 630g

An innovative waste disposal option, perfect for those smaller spaces.

This little bin can be hung on the kitchen door or inside a cupboard.

Whilst it may not have the capacity of some of the other bins on the market, it is a creative way of solving a problem. It can even be folded up when you are not using it!

It is not just a hanging product, however. Should you wish to, you can stand it up using the tough little feet on the bottom.

Easy to clean and dirt resistant.

Best features
• Compact and foldable
• Versatile
• Easy to clean


Size: L 58.5 W 33 H 65cm | Weight: 630g

A great choice for those with a bit more space.

This huge bin has a 60 litre capacity and contains two large, removable inner-bins.

It is pedal operated and has two solid firm-shut lids for extra hygiene.

The inner bins themselves have rugged handles that allows you to remove each of them independently.

This is a great bin for recycling; simply put waste into one side and recyclables into the other. It even comes with a mixed recycling sticker that you can attach should you wish to!

Best features
• Great for recycling
• Large volume
• Two inner bins


Size: L 30 W 34.6 H 69.3cm | Weight: 2.5kg

A lightweight yet sturdy refuse solution.

This is a great little bin that looks like it is made from metal but is actually constructed from dent free, rust-free plastic.

It is very easy to clean with a wipe down from a damp cloth.

It has an easy, one-touch opening system on the lid and looks great in the corner of the kitchen.

Best features
• One-touch lid
• Easy to clean
• Light


Size: L 34 W 25 H 61.5cm | Weight: 5.82kg

A stylish, smoky grey bin that would be a great looking addition to your kitchen.

This 30 litre pedal bin has a tough metal exterior that prevents dents and chips.

It is pedal operated and has a soft close lid that will stay open when pulled back fully. This is a great feature when you are cleaning up the kitchen.

When you are finished, simply click the side of the lid and it closes silently.

It has an inner bucket that can be removed easily and a hole at the back that prevents the bag from slipping off.

Best features
• Stay open lid
• Great colour
• Pedal-operated

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