Dining Table & Chair Sets

Best Kitchen Table & Chair Sets Well, now that you have a fully stocked, nicely painted, well-ventilated kitchen, it’s time to sit back and enjoy it. A nice table and chair set is would be the icing on the cake for your new kitchen (not to mention a perfect place to enjoy a slice or … Read more

Pot & Pan Sets

Best Pot & Pan Sets for Your Kitchen So, you’re ready for your next set of pots and pans but where do you start? There is so much choice out there! The number of brands grows by the day and with materials ranging from cast iron, aluminum, stainless-steel the list appears endless. The choice seems … Read more

Rice Cookers

Best Rice Cookers for the Kitchen Remember when cooking rice was a chore? Constantly stirring the pot to make sure the grains didn’t stick to the bottom. Then, draining the starchy water out into the sink and stirring the rice in the sieve so it didn’t clump together. And then, washing everything up! I’m very … Read more

Kitchen Storage Jars

Best Storage Jars for the Kitchen In my opinion, storage jars are a vastly underrated piece of kitchenware. They keep their contents fresh and dry. They maximise cupboard space. They allow you to see ‘what’s in’ without rummaging through bags and tins. Also – they look great! Let’s lift the lid on a few… CHEF’s … Read more

Kitchen Mats

Best Kitchen Mats & Anti Fatigue Mats My kitchen mat keeps my feet toasty as I cook. It catches crumbs, shavings, and anything else that drops from the worktop. It is easy to clean and it prevents me from slipping as I race around the kitchen cooking up a storm. My kitchen just wouldn’t be … Read more

Kitchen Extractor Hoods

Best Extractor Hoods for the Kitchen Whilst I love the smell of a delicious spicy curry or a warming rich stew of an evening, these are not necessarily aromas that I welcome at breakfast! This is why I love my extractor hood. It keeps the kitchen fresh, cool and smoke-free – just the way I … Read more

Kitchen Paint

Best Paint for Kitchens & Cabinets My kitchen is certainly the busiest room in the house. And as such, I made sure to paint it with specialist kitchen paint. The paint is much easier to wipe down and protects against stains, dirt and mildew. Not to mention, the little pot that was leftover is perfect … Read more

Kitchen Handles

Best Kitchen Cupboard & Drawer Handles Handles really are the finishing touch to any kitchen cupboard. Whether their styling is contemporary or traditional or somewhere between the two, they certainly add that little flourish that will accentuate the style of the space. Let’s get a handle on what’s on the market at the moment… PROBRICO … Read more

Kitchen Blinds

Best Roller & Venetian Blinds for the Kitchen With the autumn nights drawing in and the morning sun struggling to make its way into your kitchen of a morning, a kitchen blind might not be top of your current shopping list! However, we’ve all got a little extra time on our hands at the moment, … Read more

Kitchen Bins

Best Sleek Kitchen Bins No kitchen is complete without the addition of a kitchen bin. Whilst they might not be the most exciting part of your kitchen arsenal, they are functional, hygienic and essential. That said – there is no need for them to be boring! Have a look at some of these eye-catchers… AMAZON … Read more