Breakfast Recipes

spelt bread

Spelt Bread Recipe

This homemade spelled bread recipe demonstrates that it is not difficult to make any type of bread without the use of a machine. You will only need spelled flour and whole wheat flour possibly organic…
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Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

The macaroni and cheese also known as Mac’n cheese or macaroni and cheese is an American tradition short pasta baked topped with cheddar cheese melted into a creamy white sauce with the addition of Pa…
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Soft Cookies

Enjoy this incredible cookie dough to make soft cookies that are ideal for combining with any toppings you like, such as candied chips or chocolate chips. These cookies have a crunchy outside and a ve…
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today’s recipe takes us directly across the ocean cookies are after all a symbol of American pastry. This recipe like the vast majority of traditional recipe has a backstory. American biscuits appear …
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easy cookie

Easy Cookie Recipe

The Cookies (Chocolate Chip Cookies) are the classic Cookies Americans with chocolate chips big round with the typical consistency “Chewy” rubbery and soft inside and “Crunchy” crisp on the outside Mr…
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Cocoa Brownies Recipe

A brownie is a small chocolate cake that is popular in American cuisine It is named after its dark brown color which translates to brown in English. The sponge cake is sometimes covered in chocolate s…
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Banana bread

Banana Bread

Banana bread also known as plum cake is a recipe that has more than one advantage it is simple and quick to make and it allows us to use overripe bananas that would otherwise go to waste. Although cav…
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buttermilk pancake

Buttermilk Pancake Recipe

Pancakes with buttermilk and butter Buttermilk is the one ingredient that truly distinguishes pancakes. The issue is that it is difficult to find in Italy. I’ve never been able to track it down. In fa…
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banana oat pancakes

Banana Oat Pancakes

Why not make pancakes now that the quarantine allows us to have a quiet breakfast at home? At home we use them on weekends when we have more time to cook, but now they can be cooked at any time Are yo…
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