Best Slow Cooker

So, you reach late at night to your home but want to have at least something to make yourself full. If the situation happens to you, then you’re badly in need of a slow cooker.

From casserole to soup, stews, and desserts, varieties of slow cookers can prepare different items. But the best slow cooker in Ireland is usually suitable to prepare most of these items. If you want to beat the challenging cooking tasks, you should set a good budget for your slow cooker.

Now, as you’ve understood, you’ll need a slow cooker, you must start looking for the best one. But it’s hard to find a slow cooker, including the efficiency, durability, cleanliness, versatility, and many other features.

After adequately evaluating the original user’s reviews, we’ve selected the top-rated slow cooker from a reputable brand. Stick to grab them!

Tips for Buying the Best Slow Cooker – Features to Consider

If you want to have delicious meats with solid tenderness and flavor, the slow cooker is a good option with its wide range of functionality. Undoubtedly, lots of cooking enthusiasts will agree with us.

Before we jump on our best slow cooker, considering its critical factor and features is compulsory. Here’re those critical factors that you must consider in your slow cooker for better cooking experiences.

Style and Design

The style and design of the slow cooker must have to be according to your needs. The slow cooker is usually bought for cooking at home and outdoors.

If you need a slow cooker for your home, you can go with almost any style, design, and finish. But if you’re choosing the slow cooker for outdoor cooking, make sure it’s portable and “Travel-friendly.”

Crock-Pot Size

Consider the Crockpot size more than the given size on the cooker box. The cooker usually features a smaller size than what the manufacturer claims.

For instance, a 6-liter slow cooker actually turns out to be 4.5-liter food holding capacity.

However, the 1.5-3.0 liter is ideal for up to 2 members; for 3-4 members, you must move to the 1.5-3.0-liter cooking pot. And finally, for 5 and more members, you must choose the 5-6.5-liter capacity cooking pot.

Lid Material and Strength

Glass lids are better than plastic or other equivalent options. That’s because the glass lids allow you to peek into the cooking pot and see what’s happening!

Besides the material, make sure the cooker’s lid tightly fits into place to avoid spillage.

Shape and Size

There’s no exact suggestion for choosing the shape of a slow cooker. Still, if you want to process vast amounts of food, like a whole chicken, buy the oval-shaped cooker.

Choose the round-shape cooker if size and shape don’t matter so much. The round-shaped cookers are suitable for processing beans, stews, soup, etc.

But make sure the cooker adjusts to your kitchen cabinet and meets your other basic needs.

Pot Material

The slow cooker might be made of heavier material, like ceramic and stoneware, or lightweight material like aluminum. Some slow cookers also contain even porcelain.

Due to even and quick heat transferring, the stainless steel or aluminum slow cooker is preferably suitable.

Not just that, the aluminum cooker is also more durable and long-lasting than the ceramic pot. Unlike the inexpensive material, the slow cooker doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

So, they’re safe for your food and even comparatively straightforward to clean.

Temperature Settings

Usually, the slow cookers incorporate – high, low, and keep warm, three temperature settings for delicious food prep. Some cookers are also provided with auto-setting functionalities instead of the keep-warm setting.

If you love instant warm food, get the cooker with keep-warm functionality. Contrarily, if you want the cooker to automatically choose its temperature, select the auto-temperature setting cooker.


You cannot finish your food in the cooker at once; sometimes, you’ll need to re-heat the food for re-consuming. With intending so, you should consider the slow cooker microwave-safe and adjust it to your microwave.


Cleanliness isn’t such a huge considerable factor in a slow cooker; that’s what some people consider. But honestly speaking, the easier your cooker is to clean, the more you can save time.

Basically, you can spend the entire saved time and effort with your beloved person.

Additional Function

Besides the above functionalities and features, the additional functionality will make your slow cooker out-of-the-world. To obtain a better cooking experience, make sure your slow cooker includes at least some of the following functionalities.

Programmable Timer Setting

The programmable time settings will shut off your cooker automatically after the cooking has been done. Indeed, the built-in timer will protect your food from overcooking and less cooking.

Most importantly, the digital time setting completes your cook even though you leave it unattended. After returning from your busy work schedule, you’ll still get warm and delicious food.

Indicator Light

Watching out the indicator light in your cooker becomes compulsory when you’re a beginner in cooking. The light will display whether your slow cooker is perfectly working or not!  

Sear Function

Whether you have a stovetop or not, if you like the browned meat, then consider the sear functionality. Not just will the functionality make your meat brown, but it’ll also sauté the vegetables and onion.

Just make sure you have a standard budget for having the sear function in your slow cooker.

Automatic Keep Warm Function

The automatic keep-warm setting will keep your food warm for a long time, even after cooking. Every slow cooker doesn’t have this unique feature; you’ll find it by some rarest and most expensive models.

Undoubtedly, the features will recover your time from reheating the food before serving.

Top Picks of The Best Slow Cooker

Indeed, the individual person has unique choices according to their needs and demands. Your chosen slow cooker mightn’t match your friend’s needs. Furthermore, your friend’s suggestion for a slow cooker might not be suitable for your cooking purpose.

So, you must select the best slow cooker based on your needs utilizing our information given below.

1. Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

Short Description

Want to make both the stew and sear with your slow cooker? With the hob-proof cooking pot of the MORPHY RICHARD, you can have your favorite and healthiest stew and sear.

Pop into the items you want to cook and leave them directly into the hobs for an extended period without fearing overcooking, burning, or staying raw.

The cooking pot is coated with nonstick aluminum, making it lightweight, durable, and dishwasher-safe. Honestly speaking, the durability comes from the shatter-proofing that you cannot ignore.

Besides, the cooker has a transparent and toughened glass lid allowing the cooker to observe the condition of the food.

The Morphy cooking pan is made of metal, so it gets hotter quickly. Stay careful whenever you remove the pot from the cooker or cookstove; perhaps you will burn your hand.


  • Three temperature control – low, medium, and high
  • Cleaning and use are pretty straightforward
  • Delivers impressive performance with even cooking


  • Lack of auto functionality
  • The metal pot gets quickly hot

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

Unlike others, the slow cooker cooks comparatively faster. Besides, as the cooker is lightweight and durable, you can bring it to the dining table and directly serve it.

Besides, the cooker features a manual instructing you to cook the meal the right way. Put your food onto the cooker at a low setting overnight, and get delicious warm and soft-tender meat in the morning.

Why Did We Like It?

Offering the dishwasher-safe, easy cleaning is what we liked in the slow cooker. Surprisingly, the hub-proof cooking pot can also go through the dishwasher due to its nonstick coating.

Furthermore, the glass lid is also dishwasher-safe, although it’s made of breakable glass material. However, the slow cooker takes less clean-up, and you almost don’t need to use your hand for cleaning.

Final Verdict

The stew and sear cooker don’t have any automatic buttons; you’ve to adjust the cooking through manual settings. However, the manual setting includes the moderate temperature – high, medium, and low.

So, getting the exact brown of your favorite chicken shouldn’t be a big deal for sure. The slow cooker cooking pot is large enough to easily prepare meals for 3-4 members.

2. Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker

Short Description

Developing a massive number of recipes is just a piece of cake with our budget-friendly – crockpot digital slow cooker.

Over the versatility, cook different dishes, including tenderizing meat, chilies, stews, soups, pot roasts, and so on. The versatility makes the slow cooker great for preparing the occasional treat.

With the three simple cooking settings – High, low, and medium- the slow cooker is convenient for everyone. 

Featuring an easy-to-clean glass lid, the slow cooker allows getting a close look at your food preparation.  

Unlike the delayed time-starting cooker, you can’t use the delayed start time features. The cooker doesn’t have this feature, so you immediately have to set the time to start the cooking.

Moreover, the slow cooker takes up a lot of cupboard space with bulkiness.


  • Simple to use and clean 
  • Pre-programmable settings
  • Solid lid attachment for avoiding the spilling


  • Not possible to delay the start
  • Ceramic construction makes the cooker slightly watery

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

The digital control of the slow cooker grabbed our attention at the very beginning. Once you set the cooking time between 30 minutes to 20 hours, become tension-free.

Once the given time gets finished, the cooker will automatically turn on the self-warming mode. The self-warming function will keep the food warm until other members come and help themselves.

Why Did We Like It?

The Crock-pot is also an energy-saving, economical slow cooker besides versatility. Although the cooker is slightly pricier, in this sense, it’s cost-effective. Opening the slow cooker’s lid is allowed while the cooking is in the process.

Nevertheless, you compulsorily don’t have to open the lid for observing the progress of cooking. The lid can be seen through!

Final Verdict

Everything becomes tastier in our slow cooker, from tenderizing meat to chocolate bread, butter pudding, or stews.  

The cooker has a 4.7-liter simple ceramic pot making it ideal for a family of 5 persons.

3. Laptronix Slow Cooker

Short Description

Now, let’s pick an oval-shaped spacious slow cooker for your versatile cooking operation. 

Whether you need to prepare the stews, curries, broths, or soups, everything is possible with the oval-shaped cooker.

The slow cooker features a nonstick ceramic inner pot featuring its nonstick easy cleanliness. Even after a long period of time, you mustn’t feel much hassle cleaning the cooker.

Although there’s no specific recommendation for the cooker’s dishwasher safety, still, you can take the ceramic dish through the dishwasher cleaning.

Another recommended feature of the oval-shaped cooker is its glass lid, besides the ceramic pot. The glass lid doesn’t let the condensation escape, still allowing you to notice the food condition.

After completion of food cooking, the machine automatically turns the keep warm functions. The warming functions allow you to serve the food even after an extended period without losing warmth.


  • Consumes lower energy
  • Non-sticky removable dishwasher-safe ceramic pot
  • Fits large families
  • Long-lasting self-warming function


  • The outside of the pot becomes so hot
  • Not suitable for preparing sear

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

If getting the energy-saving slow cooker is one of your top priorities, the Laptronix slow cooker should meet your needs. With the 380-wattage capacity, the cooker reduces the energy usage and still presents delicious and tender meats.

Besides saving energy, you’ll also get the feature of cool-touch handles. The handles will allow you to touch the handles without burning your hands, even when the pot is warm.

Why Did We Like It?

The premium-graded slow cooker confines the condensation because of its strong glass lid connection; it enhances the meat’s tenderness.

Even the traditionally tough cut meats also become soft and tender due to accumulated condensation inside the lid. 

As the water cannot escape from the cooker, the food locks the proper nutrition.

Final Verdict

With the 8-liter capacity spaces, the oval-shaped cooker is well enough to serve families with at least 5 members. Moreover, the oval-shaped cooker is large enough for preparing plenty of soups. 

4. Russell Hobbs Chalkboard Slow Cooker

Short Description

The Russel Hobbs cookers have been popular for many years for their latest programmable functions, durability, and long-lastingness. The Russell Hobbs Chalkboard is one of the top popular cookers from the Russel Hobbs.

First, look at the Russel Hobbs design – Why would anyone choose it?

The slow cooker features a compact design where you’ll get a 3.5-liter capacity cooking pot. The cooker is smaller by its diameters; if you look at its length, you’ll get it longer than most other similar slow cookers.

The slow ceramic cooker is provided with a matte black powder coating making it simple to clean with damp cloths. The powder coating delivers a smoother finish to the stew maker and doesn’t cause scratches sounds.

There’s also a red light on the cooker to make sure that the cooking is in progress. 3 settings are available for preparing food with the Russel Hobbs – high, low and keep warm.


  • Consumes less power
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Large enough for 2 to 3 servings
  • Doesn’t cause a mess or hassle


  • Consumes the space on the kitchen countertop

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly slow cooker, you’ll hardly get something like the Russel Hobbs chalkboard. The affordability and less energy consumption makes the cooker a budget-friendly choice.

Moreover, the cooker’s gentle cooking method reduces the waste of nutrients and vitamins and makes the tenderizing cheaper.

Besides saving bucks, the slow cooker also saves your effort as it’s easy to clean with the dishwasher. 

Why Did We Like It?

When the inner pot becomes hotter, the slow cooker stays cool outside. But you don’t need to touch the cooker frequently to open the lid and see the cooking progress.

The glass lid is already seen through, allowing you to perfect observation on your cooking without releasing the condensation.

Final Verdict

While having an average size slow cooker is essential for a family of 3-4 members, the Russel Hobbs chalkboard slow cooker meets the demand with its 3.5-liter capacity cooking pot. It’s round but takes up pretty much space on your kitchen countertop.

5. Andrew James Slow Cooker

Short Description

After massive research, we figured out a slow cooker for large families, parties, and social gatherings – the Andrew James Slow Cooker.

With three temperature settings – high, medium, and auto, you can prepare almost everything, including stew, soup, chicken, and so on. The low temperature is suitable for cooking the meats, like pork, lamb, chicken, etc.

Preparing the dips and sauces takes almost a couple of hours in high heat. At last, the auto temperature setting that goes from high to low defrosts the frozen food.

Expectedly, the large capacity and multi-functional slow cooker are pricier than a similar cooker. But honestly speaking, the stainless Andrew slow cooker is worth its price, unlike others.


  • Worth the investment when you entertain guests
  • No need to deep clean necessarily after each use
  • Compact and simple design


  • Doesn’t fit the larger turkey
  • No self-warming function

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

The multi-functional slow cooker consumes lower energy for heat production. That’s why our Andrew James slow cooker is considered economical and budget-friendly despite having a higher price.

With the produced heat, you can easily convert the tough cutting of meat into tastier and tendering meat brilliantly.

Why Did We Like It?

The auto temperature setting directly defrosts the frozen meat. After defrosting, the cooker’s temperature automatically transfers from auto to low, and you’re delivered with a deliciously cooked dish.

Final Verdict

You’ll never know how the 6.5-liter capacity slow cooker will serve your family of six members. But, once you start using the cooker, you’ll admit it’s perfect for your family with 5-6 members.

6. Swan Slow Cooker

Short Description

Here’s another oval-shaped large slow cooker – the Swan Slow cooker. Honestly speaking, the slow cookers are available in three different sizes – 1.5-liter, 3.5-liter, and 6.5-liter.

Consequently, it becomes easier to choose the suitable slow cooker size according to the customer’s needs.

Unlike others, the crockpot is removable from its cooker, making it easy to directly serve the meal.

Allowing you to cook on a large scale, the slow cooker takes out the hassle of cooking a delicious meal.

Fortunately, the slow cooker incorporates a keep-warm function besides its three heat settings. The keep-warm setting allows storing and holding the warmth of cooked food until the guest is left unattended.

Indeed, the oval-shaped slow cooker is spacious enough for handling the food for lots of guests.


  • Compatible for busy workers
  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Prevents the over-spillage
  • Offers antibacterial wipe with the damp cloth


  • Doesn’t stay warm after completion of cooking

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

Preparing the food becomes enjoyable when you buy the slow swan cooker, one of the best large cookers for cooking.

Whether you want to cook delicious, slow-cooked meals or meals packed with a good aroma, the cooker is compatible with everything.

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the auto heat food prep into the large oval-shaped slow cooker. In the beginning, the cooker applies heat more quickly for defrosting the frozen food. Gradually the temperature decreases. 

Final Verdict

Make your decision to buy a suitable slow cooker based on your family members and needs. If you want to entertain the guest frequently, then it’s better to go with the larger Swan Slow cooker.

7. Tower T16042BLK Slow Cooker

Short Description

Appealing is an integral part of a cooking appliance besides other functionalities, although you’re buying this for cooking. Our Tower Slower cooker features an elegant appeal with rose gold handles and a matte finish.

Being available in three different colors – pink, black, gray, and midnight blue, the cooker discloses the option of selecting your favorite color.

However, the slow cooker handle always offers cool, ease, convenience, and safety. The indicator light is always there to make you remember that the cooker is on.

Quite an impressive casserole that features high, low, and keep warm – simple dial. The tender meats are cooked and taste pretty well as they are served warm whenever you want to have them.

Vegetables also remain good although there are some complaints about overcooking vegetables. Perhaps, they have set the extended time for cooking vegetables.


  • Stylist and variety of color options
  • Delivers safe and easy convenience
  • Easy to control the heat setting
  • Holds the regular taste, consistency, and tenderness


  • Slightly Lid gaps with the cooking pot

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

However, cleaning the exterior of a slow cooker is easy because of its matte finish. Just wear damp clothes; afterward, absorb the water drop from the cooker by polishing with a dry cloth.

Afterward, clean the ceramic pot absorbing into the soapy water.

Why Did We Like It?

You won’t get a capacity issue with the slow cooker as the 3.5-liter size is well enough for 2 times meal prep for a family of 4. Surprisingly, the casserole takes limited space on your kitchen countertop, despite having a good capacity.

Final Verdict

When talking about durability, the slow cooker’s lid is the toughest one besides the cooking pot. Hardly other casserole lids can beat the toughness and durability of the lid.

8. Lakeland Digital Slow Cooker

Short Description

Have you tired of searching for a delayed starter and microwave-safe slow cooker of the time? Then, let’s introduce our next choice – The Lakeland Digital Slow cooker.

Indeed, you’ll be amazed to get the family-sized slow cooker, as it’ll allow you to start the cooking anytime within 30 minutes to 24 hours. Besides, the microwave safety ensures that you’ll get warm food 24 hours.

An easy-read LED display highlights the heating options and digital timers. Set up your mind regarding when you want to start the cooking. Set the time and heating option based on what types of food you’re going to cook.

According to safety caution, you should always use the cooker on a dry and heat-resistant surface. Otherwise, the manufacturer won’t be responsible for your upcoming accident.


  • Microwave-safe and hob-proof glass lids and cooking pan
  • Last till years to come
  • Super useful delay starting function
  • Huge capacity programmable cooker


  • Quickly becomes messy, but it’d be dishwasher-safe

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

The delay time setting features makes the slow cooker different from other cookers here.

Pre-setting the timer and rearranging the necessary food ingredients, you can start the slow cooker anytime within 30 minutes to 24-hours. Once you set the time, the cooker will automatically start cooking and end after the predetermined time.

Why Did We Like It?

Fortunately, the slow cooker is microwave safe, warming the food before serving. Unlike others, the glass lid and handles of the cooker can go under 200-degree temperature.

Final Verdict

If you want an award-winning family-feeding casserole with excellent quality and the latest feature, Lakeland digital slow cooker will be perfect. The cooker meets all the needs, whether it comes to induction safety, microwave safety, or delayed time starting.

9. Tower Slow Cooker T16015

Short Description

Whether you’re attending the fancy cooking competition and guests, you’ll need several cookers for cooking different items. With three different pots, the Tower slow cookers are ideal for large gatherings.

3 different cooking pots at the same time can prepare three different types of food. The 4.5-liter capacity offers plenty of space for a huge amount of food prep, leaving no guests unattended.

The oval shape is one of the fundamental reasons the cookers are so spacious. All three cooking pots are oval-shaped, and there are tempered glass lids for retaining their natural moisture.

Besides holding the moisture, the lid offers a large view to monitoring your cooking progress and making delicious ones.


  • Offers hassle-free cooking for a crowd
  • Unexpectedly easy to clean
  • Functional cookers
  • Lightweight cooking pans


  • No indication lights
  • Short electric plug cord

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

After prep and consuming the dishes, cleaning the cooking pot might scare you. Fortunately, all these three cooker pots are removable and dishwasher-friendly.

Now you can fully concentrate on preparing a meal and attending to your guest. After finishing the party, the dishwasher will do its work.

Why Did We Like It?

The handy cookers are provided with a perfectly-fitted three-serving spoon for mess-free serving. Moreover, there’s a keep warm setting for ensuring warm food that’s compulsory for serving the warm food to every guest.

Final Verdict

Preparing the mouth-watering flavorful casserole isn’t a big deal when you’ve Tower T16015 Three Pot Slow Cooker. We admit that the three-pot cookers are pricier.

But in exchange, you’ll get plenty of space for cooking hearty dishes for your friends and families. So, the slow cookers are worth investing in for their excellent price value.

10. Breville Slow Cooker

Short Description

Here’s our smallest pick – the Breville slow cooker for the bachelor who doesn’t want to compromise his dinner time.

The 1.5-liter capacity cooker can serve one or hardly two people without wasting food. But, the meal you prepare becomes delicious because of its slow cooking and heating elements.

Literally, the compact cooker is economical due to less energy consumption. Moreover, the food preparer doesn’t occupy vast space in your kitchen. That’s why it’s considered the most suitable slow cooker for the single-living person.

Although the compact cooker is small but suitable for multiple food prep; So, regardless of what you want to eat, with the high, low, and auto-cook settings, the cooker will do decent food prep.

Similar to most of our cooking appliances, cleaning the slow cooker is easier with simple wiping. In contrast, the inner cooking pot can go through the dishwasher, which must recover your time.


  • Doesn’t allow waste of food
  • Cleaning isn’t a big issue
  • A tight-fitting lid ensures the hygienic food
  • Given manual instruction for easy operation


  • Place the lid carefully, or you’ll ruin the food
  • Causes noise at auto-selection

What’s So Good About the Slow Cooker?

Whether you’re a novice cooking enthusiast or learning to cook, using the Breville slow cooker is easy. Besides high and low heat temperature, there’s an auto-cook setting in the cooker.

So, once you set the cooker on auto-setting, it’ll gradually choose the suitable temperature for your food.

Why Did We Like It?

Besides preparing spicy items, the compact cooker also can prepare sweet treats and desserts. Life becomes easier when you can prepare your favorite food items with a single cooking appliance without extra effort.

Final Verdict

If you’re a student or holding a small job but staying single, we insist on buying our Breville silver slow cooker. You need warmer food on time when coming home from out, and our Breville slow cooker can do that.

What Is the Best Shape for A Slow Cooker?

The oval-shaped slow cooker is most appropriate to choose because of its spacious surface. The oval shape makes the slow cooker versatile, allowing you to adjust the bigger roast, fish, stuffed peppers, pork chops, loaves, etc.
Our second choice will go to the round-shaped slow cooker for allowing you to cook the soup, stews, chills, etc.

Can You Prep Any Dishes in The Slow Cooker?

You can cook many dishes in the slow cooker, including shredded chicken, meatloaf, pulled pork sandwiches, etc. But, like the other thing, the slow cooker also has some limitations for cooking some other foods.
That means you cannot insert and cook all types of food into the slower cook.

Which Dishes Should You Never Prepare in A Slow Cooker?

The dairy items come in the first row that you should never cook in the slow cooker. You should never cook foods like pasta, delicate vegetable rice, raw meat, meat with extra fat, boneless chicken, etc., in the slow cooker.
If you cook this food in the slow cooker, you’ll lose its actual taste or may burn the food.

Can You Allow the Food to Stay in A Slow Cooker Overnight?

The slow cooker processes the food slowly, so it takes time to get cooked properly. Therefore, it’s completely safe and recommended by most manufacturers to cook the food overnight in a slow cooker.
Get tension free and cook your food overnight, without burning or over-cooking.

The Sum Up!

Slow cookers are a handy option for delicious meal prep. But you’ll end up with great-tasting food when you follow up the recipe accordingly and use the best slow cooker.

If you’re an adept chef, preparing a delicious and flavorful meal won’t be a big deal; still, you’ll need the best-pulled pork slow cooker for preparing pork.