10 Best Fridge Freezer Reviews of 2022

Make easy our busy life we need to keep some essential tools and gadgets in our home. A fridge freezer is like one tool that revolves around breakfast, launch, or dinner. Without a fridge, we can’t imagine our daily life in this competitive world. 

But to discover the best fridge freezer is a big deal. There are a ton of facts to consider for confirming everything from dimension to finishes with features. 

If you think about price, I tell you this type of product is pricey. So instead of cost, you should think about a reliable brand that will steady in your house for years, and you are in the right place.

We have reviewed top-listed fridge freezers, which are most high-performance and can add to your kitchen. From budget-friendly to the first-class smart fridge, move on to see what freezer we recommend to you as your kitchen upgrade tool.

Here are our top listed fridge freezers:

What Features Should Consider Looking For?

While shopping for the latest and new refrigerator in a store, you need to consider some main things once you make a final decision considering the following facts.


Yes, at first you have to make your mind which brand is more reliable and well-known in the market. After selecting the brand, you can move for other facts. But what are the best and most reliable brands in the current market? The Samsung, LG, Russell, Beko, Hisense, and Fridgemaste are the most popular manufacturer for the best fridge freezers. We have already reviewed some models from those brands above. 


The fridge needs to fit between the counter area, and you will need to match the kitchen’s width and layout. If your kitchen is tight or you are single or newly couple, you can go for a small or mini fridge freezer. In this case, you can choose any one from our list where you can pick the right one.  


The big fridges are side by side, top or bottom freezers, and side-by-side doors require sufficient space. If you have enough area in your kitchen, you can go for the large one. They also will be different in price based on their features and design. 


Considering all of those facts, now you need to think about some common features:

  • Finishes: Stainless steel is one of the most popular as it has a glossy appearance, but some people prefer white and black. Look for the exterior panel that will match your kitchen cabinets. Most modern finishes are fingerprint-resistant.
  • Frost-free: It is a common feature that many people are now well-known with frost-free freezers are constructed with the automatic fan to remove warm air. The means of it doesn’t have enough time to compact into water or ice, so if you have had the issue of a shrinking freezer area, that begins to look like an ice cave on Hoth.
  • Switch Zone: It is a convertible zone that can function as a fridge and freezer compartment. They are typically located in the freezer, but the compartment’s temperature will be adjusted to perform as an extra fridge space so you can have prepared fresh foods. Then you may switch it to prepare rooms for frozen food.
  • Fast freezing: If you bring home frozen food bags, fast cooling and freeze features will allow you to chill or freeze them to keep them in the best condition for a long time. 
  • Holiday mood: Most fridge freezers come with a holiday setting designed for power, energy efficiency, and economy when you’re missing. As you can’t have more fresh food to keep cool, it’ll raise the temperature of the fridge freezer pretty but put your frozen foods safely.
  • Anti-bacterial tech: Some manufacturers added UV light tech inside the fridge that arrives while the fridge doors close to destroying bacteria.
  • Humidity drawers: Controlling the moisture of the entire environment is a secret to keeping fresh fruits and vegetables. You may adjust the moisture in the drawers to make a perfect environment for the fresh foods you are storing.
  • Smart features: Smart features can vary from appliance to appliance and also brand to brand. For example, some brand includes instaview, camera inside the fridge, some of the fridge offer apps to control by smartphone. You should know about the smart chance if you like to use those features with your advanced fridge freezer. 


According to the IACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), a new and best standard refrigerator can last an average of 10 to 15 years. It can match up with the best one, covering the compressor for more than 10-years. Coverage under a few brands is far less. Some manufacturers offer a warranty for the different parts and portions and various services. So, it is up to how facilities you want to get. 


For a big tool like a refrigerator, you would like to see your decisions in person before committing. However, browsing only one store can’t present you with all the available options in the market. Online comparison shopping will offer a sense of choice for design, aspects, colors, and even price. To combine those systems, you can search online and then get a store that can carry the items you would like to compare.        

1. Samsung Fridge Freezer


Brand: Samsung Dimension: 67.2 x 91.2 x 178.9 cm Fridge Capacity: 357 L Freezer capacity: 175 L Defrost System: Frost free Color: White Warranty: 10-years

Our first choice is from the Samsung brand, the most popular and famous manufacturer, especially for fridges in the market. We know this is the first choice for everyone who thinks to buy a new one for their new house. Their quality, features, performance, and guaranty or warranty offer can’t compare with other company fridges.

It is the best fridge freezer American style and comes with a great appearance and design.  

Let’s see what aspects this Samsung fridge freezer model offers us!

Door Design

This model has two French door designs, a full-sized side-by-side door pattern. Two different sections were constructed with a refrigerator and a complete freezer with two drawers in every section. One drawer is for chill, and another two are for the freezer. 

Storage Capacity

This Samsung side by side refrigerator offers a large storage capacity of 27.1 cubic feet. It arrives with stainless steel and tempered glass, which value money. 

Water Dispenser

This model includes amazing temperature control with consistency. The features contain a built-in water filter and water dispenser in the door. The digital control system is very useful for alerting users when the door makes noise.    


This American style fridge arrives with a complete Samsung’s SpaceMax technology to minimize the interior capacity. It also features the manufacturers all around cooling and consistent temperature. 

Things to like

  • Wonderful color and finish
  • SpaceMax technology 
  • All-around cooling
  • Door storage rack 

Things to avoid

  • Manual humidity dial
  • Only two doors

Our Judgment

The fantastic and nice-looking appliance can only change your kitchen appearance and increase your interest in cooking art. The color finishes and design are currently available in the market. Though it charges a high price, you might expect more than the cost. 

2. IceKing Fridge Freezer


Brand: IceKing Dimension: 48 x 50 x 85 cm Total capacity: 94 L Defrost System: Manual Defrost Color: White Guarantee: 2-years

Since 1995, IceKing has become one of the leaders in the fridge market. The main target and aim are to provide quality and reasonable cooling solutions. So, it is more reliable and excellent cooler than other brands.

This is Amazon’s choice best seller large fridge freezer model, and it arrives with more advanced and smart features below.

Keep food fresh

It can keep fresh and lock the nutrition of all items. The saving energy power saves your money and lows the bill that helps to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Reversible door

Another great feature is the reversible door that helps to fit it more unconnectedly where the space is premium. It is designed with a reversible door, so you can fit it correctly to open the most convenient direction for you. 


If you are looking for some additional shelf for storing, it offers enough more in your fridge. The other feature is twin cooling that maintains high moisture levels to keep the fruits, vegetables, and food fresh for a long time.    

Things to like

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Reversible doors
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Modern and mighty 

Things to avoid

  • Confusing range navigation
  • Two adjustable door racks

Our Judgment

It is a nice appliance and the best freestanding fridge freezer that can change the overlook of your kitchen. There are two things to keep in mind color and finish, and the second one is the price point. For those reasons, this built-in fridge freezer model is more popular with customers. 

3. Cookology Fridge Freezer


Brand: Cooklogy Dimension: 50.5 x 47 x 85 cm Fridge Capacity: 61 L Freezer capacity: 26 L Defrost System: Manual Defrost Color: White Guarantee: 1-year

Our second number integrated fridge freezer is from Cooklogy. If your kitchen floor has limited space, this Cooklogy fridge freezer is ideal and excellent for you. The compact design, nice finishing, and color make it more attractive to the new couple planning to stay single family for a long time.

What features convince us to recommend it as the best-integrated fridge freezer? Continue! 

Compact size

For only 470mm width and 505mm, the depth size will cover a very little area in your kitchen. You can enjoy a total of 87 liters of the fridge with a good storage freezer rack for five medium water bottles. 

Interior Design

This fridge features a complete glass shelf with one half glass shelf on the vegetable drawer and storage space in the fridge door. Another portion of it is a freeze with an extra door to easily store an ice scraper or ice cube tray. 

Noise level

Some small fridge freezer makes a loud noise which can disturb you. But it is very happy to say that this one maintains the noise level and is pretty quiet. The noise mayn’t be reached your ear, and you can’t disturb you even if you are working in your kitchen beside it.

Things to like

  • Less noise and compact design
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Freestanding
  • Two reversible doors

Things to avoid

  • The freezer has no light
  • No ice dispenser included

Our Judgment

This fridge is a super sleek and new style modern design fridge. It includes a single and removable shelf and drawer that will help you to store all-sized fruits or vegetables. The price and all features are great and worth overall.

4. LG Fridge Freezer


Brand: LG Dimension: 91.2 x 73.8 x 179 cm Capacity: 601 L Defrost System: Frost free Color: Black Guarantee: 5-years

This is a brilliant American style fridge freezer with fantastic tech from the LG brand. The best of this entire model is a door-in-door feature, instaview, and other smart features. Double knock on the glass will make it enlighten, and then you are allowed to open it and take a drink without opening the main door.

With such a lot of smart and advanced features, this model of LG is available in the market. 

ThinQ App setting

From more smart features, the ThinQ app using is one of them. This smart feature lets you opt for a temperature control system on the app using your phone or voice command by your home assistant. This app also offers open-door alerts.

Door design

There is a water dispenser which is also non-pumped, and an ice maker that will make cubed and crushed ice very faster. The fridge and freezer door are stand side by side and create a great look in the kitchen.   

Instaview pane

The fridge door is designed with a 35 x 77 cm instaview pane window that lights up and reveals the contents of the fridge door racks. If you need to grab and go, this smart feature lets you open the window to take any food from the rack without opening the main door.

Things to like

  • Instaview & knocking light
  • Digital touch screen
  • Water dispenser with cubed ice
  • Door-in-door 

Things to avoid

  • Mechanical humidity switch
  • Creates pretty sound making ice

Our Judgment

We love it not only for its smart features but also for its high-quality features. For the best performance, you can rely on this fridge. However, it is a pretty pricey appliance but worth your valuable investment.

5. Russell Hobbs Fridge Freezer


Brand: Russell Hobbs Dimension: 55 x 54 x 176 cm Fridge Capacity: 187 L Freezer capacity: 75 L Defrost System: Manual Defrost Color: Black Guarantee: 2-years

The Russell Hobbs RH55FF171B-ML American-style fridge freezer is the best due to its complete design. This body and parts are made from stainless steel, the perfect appliance for the kitchen room. It is an amazing American style fridge freezer that is filled up with wonderful tech. 

It also comes with smart and brilliant features, so you can choose to control temperature settings and use the tools perfectly. There have some more advanced and amazing features, like:

Adjustable thermostat

The Russell Hobbs American style fridge freezer, features an adjustable thermostat. It can be regulated and make sure perfect uniform coolness in the refrigerator. 


This fridge includes an impressive, effective performance that also rates lower power consumption. Plus, the frost-free feature makes it more incredible and easy to handle and use, avoiding the overwhelming time task of defrosting.


It is super flexible for its adjustable feet that ensure stability and stay risk-free to move. Equally significant, it features a 39DB sound level plus offers a 2-years manufacturer’s guarantee.

Cooling power

This fridge also features a handy faster cooling function that can be achieved when you want to use additional cooling power. This economical appliance helps you cut costs with the F energy power rating and offers you the space to stock with purse-friendly frozen food.  

Things to like

  • Low power consumption
  • F energy effective
  • Low noise level
  • Adjustable thermostat

Things to avoid

  • Can emit a frequent sound
  • May not have an ice dispenser

Our Judgment

We judge the customer’s reviews and the manufacturer’s quality. Customers always check the LED light facility, and they love midnight snacking and use it in the pretty dark. The electronic control makes the setting of the temperature of the freezer very quick and simple.

6. Fridgemaster Fridge Freezer


Brand: Fridgemaster Dimension: 56.2 x 49.5 x 143 cm Fridge Capacity: 122 L Freezer capacity: 43 L Defrost System: Frost free Color: White Guarantee: 1-year

If you have a tight budget and you are seeking a compact size for your small kitchen, this Fridgemaster fridge freezer is ideal for you. It will cover just a pretty area, and you will get sufficient space to move easily. The two doors and bottom freezer system make it more adjustable to use in a tight area.

If you want to know about this brand, it is a reliable brand for the fridge in this current market. It is compact and not pricy and can’t compare the quality with others. About features, move below!

Digital control

The bottom freezer fridge comes with an excellent temperature controlling system that lets you control the high or lower what you need. The two drawers into the fridge and three drawers into the freezer will contain sufficient vegetables, foods, or beverages.


This model includes a glass finish and glass drawer with the best control panel illuminates where disappears are not required. The glass display will let you manage your stored items easily. The standout flexibility feature lets you convert half of the fridge freezer into the refrigerator cabinet. 

Easy Access

There have enough chilled storage space, 178 litters which can contain more than 17 bags of shopping. The nice design elevates it beyond the typical white kitchen and makes it easier to access and organize the groceries. 

Things to like

  • Small footprint
  • Very energy effective
  • Quiet noise
  • Excellent storage

Things to avoid

  • No ice dispenser
  • Not suitable for a large family

Our Judgment

We recommend it as the best liter freestanding fridge because it is very economical and energy class A+ with quiet noise of 36DB operating volume.

7. Hisense Fridge Freezer


Brand: Hisense Dimension: 74.5 x 90.8 x 178 cm Fridge Capacity: 370 L Freezer capacity: 192 L Defrost System: Frost free Color: Black Warranty: 2-years

Our next fridge is from Hisense, and most people know about their fridge and freezers. It is a stylish, modern, sleek, and well-looking black color design that makes it more attractive. If you have no price issue and kitchen room space, this one will be an ideal appliance for a good budget. 

This ultra-modern and excellent model fridge is constructed with higher-quality features and offers more opportunities than older versions. 

What more?

Door Design

The first attractive feature of it is the side-by-side metallic finish of two doors. It offers excellent temperature control and an electronic lock system. The two larger grip handle is more comfortable and adjustable, with an attractive design that increases it’s looking of it. 

Lock moisture

The superior cooling process and freezer process locks the nutrients and moisture of the food. This system is very important to keep the vegetables and other foods fresh and nutrients. 

Smart panel

The LED touch control panel helps you control the fridge and freezer’s setting simply. The water dispenser is very excellent for ultimate chilled water without pumping. 

Things to like

  • Frost free
  • F energy save the money
  • Larger capacity for storage
  • Solid pattern 

Things to avoid

  • There has no divide the fridge and freezer
  • There have no more color options

Our Judgment

You must love it for easy access and make your life much easier. You can organize your vegetables, foods containers, wine bottle, milk/water bottle, and other items as your needs separately. It keeps every item good, fresh, and notorious.

8. Igenix Fridge Freezer


Brand: Igenix Dimension: 47 x 44 x 51 cm Fridge Capacity: 47 L Door System: Key Lock Color: Black Warranty: 2-years

If you need only a mini-fridge without a freezer for your small kitchen, you can consider this stylish tabletop black fridge freezer with an affordable budget. It offers another two colors – white and grey, and you can use any one of them.

It is ideal for a small kitchen, flats of the new couple, or student’s accommodation. If you have a large family and need another fridge beside a freezer, you must choose it in your next shopping. 

What are the features of this small one?

Compact Design

As the mini and tabletop fridge, the compact size lets you set in on the kitchen counter or can be set in the corner of your kitchen. The second fridge beside the big one in your large kitchen room can be a great choice.

Lower Energy

It has been designed to run at a good temperature between minimum Celsius. The lower consumption of it is 110 kWh of power energy every year.    

Door Design

The reversible and lockable door design helps users operate it easily and quickly. The door has a very nice design and finish that will enhance your kitchen top counter’s look. 

Things to like

  • Compact size and flexible
  • Ideal as table top fridge
  • It includes an icebox compartment
  • Lockable plus reversible 

Things to avoid

  • Not ideal who require a big one
  • It includes only one shelf

Our Judgment

It is a great fridge, quiet, and lock performs well with the best adjustable door. This fridge is suitable for small or shared kitchen facilities.

9. CHiQ fridge freezer


Brand: CHiQ Dimension: 54 x 57.6 x 180 cm Fridge Capacity: 180 L Freezer capacity: 70 L Defrost System: Frost Free Color: Dark inbox Warranty: 12-years (compressor)

Our next best fridge freezer integrated is another compact size double door fridge freezer from CHiQ. This is another ideal and excellent one for small floor space in the kitchen. For only a limited kitchen floor, you can set it easily.

This two doors fridge freezer comes with advanced smart technology and features a high-performance and quality one in the market. Let’s see its features:

Frost-free technology

It is constructed following the frost-free technology that won’t leave any frost even after a long time. It is very easy to operate and clean. The LED light will help you use into the mid-night dark kitchen to take any foods.

Adjustable Door & Legs

The fried freezer contains two reversible doors and two adjustable legs front side of the fridge. They will help you adjust it and make it stable for safety use. 

Adjustable Thermostat

The simple adjustable electronic thermostat and five temperature modes let you remain the appliance chill at the optimal temperature. 

Storage capacity

It offers 250 liters of total fridge capacity that is spacious considering the slim size. It is an extremely economical and energy class F old rating system with quiet noise volume.      

Things to like

  • Frost-free & high-quality finish 
  • Worth for money
  • Impressive bright
  • Super energy efficient

Things to avoid

  • No fridge light
  • No ice dispenser 

Our Judgment

This is an excellent option for under counter fridge and perfect for limited space that is affordable. You must love stainless steel fridge freezer with an effective finish and surprisingly stylish appearance.

10. Beko Fridge Freezer


Brand: Beko Dimension: 57.5 x 54 x 152.8 cm Fridge Capacity: 143 L Freezer capacity: 77 L Defrost System: Frost free Color: White Warranty: 1-year

The Beko CFG3552W is the best 50/50 freestanding fridge freezer. It is perfect for those people who are seeking half fridge and half of the freezer. It is a wonderful and nice kitchen tool for its nice compact size, color design, and 50/50 pattern.

There are most people genuinely search for this type of fridge for their small kitchen. The low price, good performance, and high quality make it more popular to the users.

Let’s try to know its features! 

High rating 

It is top rating fridge model that is less expensive than other French models. It is fairly small and just less than 20 cubic feet of capacity. This is a full-sized freezer on the bottom, and it isn’t essential to defrost the freezer. It is an amazing feature that removes ice build-up and restricts exclusive storage space.

Storage capacity

The fridge includes adjustable shelves a reversible door with a full wider drawer. It is useful for someone who is seeking a tight-budget fridge freezer to fit in a small kitchen room. 


This feature allows the fridge compartment to exchange the freezer space into the fridge space. If you find yourself needing an additional shelf of storage in the fridge, this aspect is constructed for you.  

Things to like

  • Ideal for single people
  • Small enough to fit tight space
  • Energy efficiency
  • Temperature control

Things to avoid

  • It is called a 50/50 fridge freezer but not exact
  • No water dispenser

Our Judgment

We recommend this Beko fridge freezer for you if you have a tight budget and have no sufficient space in your kitchen. The lower energy consumption system will save you money, and you can enjoy this one for a long time.

Final Thought!

After a long discussion and reviews of the top ranking best fridge freezer, we can desire it to be more useful for you. And also you can choose the best option according to your higher requirement from that was selected by our expert editor. After that, we want to recommend you as the winner of our list is IceKing Fridge Freezer which is also Amazon’s choice as the best one. It arrives with all high quality, advanced, and smart features. And if you have enough space in your kitchen room and have no issue about price. It will be a great selection overall.