Best Food Processor with Buying Guide

Cooking is a long process as it includes various steps to prep an item and take it to the final step. Wouldn’t it be better to get a helping hand to save your cooking times and reduce your effort?

The food processor is that helping hand, which has come as a blessing to the cooking enthusiast who spends half of their time in the kitchen. The best food processor saves the cooking time and helps to prepare delicious food with lots of care and love.

The quality food processor features multifunctionality and versatility, reducing your effort of grinding, chopping, shredding, making dough, etc.

If you’re ready to shop for this kitchen workhorse, then dive into our chart of the best amazon food processor.

Simple Tips and Tricks of Buying the Best Food Processor

Before getting into the best food processor, read through our buying guides to grab all the opportunities.

Brand and Models

As the food processor is your one-time investment, consider the popular brands for it. The leading brands for high-end food processors are Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Ninja & Nutri-bullet. But they’re expensive brand models for the food processor.

If you want to get a high-end food processor from inexpensive brands, go for Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, and so on.

Size and Capacity

Typically, the food processor combines 0.7 to 3.7-liters food holding capacity. The capacity indicates how much crowd the food processor can handle. The more food holding capacity a food processor combines, the more people can consume the food.

Select a food processor with a 2.5-liter capacity to accomplish more than enough cooking tasks. But, if you’re shopping the food processor for a large family or commercial food prep, go with the larger ones considering your budget.

Power and Wattage

It’s hard to tell what is the best power and wattage for a food processor you’ll need. It depends on your grinding purposes and the capacity of the motor. But the solid heavy-duty motor consumes maximum power from electricity.

Typically, a quality food processor’s power wattage ranges between 500 to 1200-Wattage. Nevertheless, if you’re selecting a large food processor with a huge capacity (not less than 9 cups), go with 600-wattage at least.

Blade Performance

If the food processor’s blade performance isn’t good, you’ll face difficulties in grinding foods. The interchangeable sharp blades are well-performing blades for various cooking tasks.

Whereas the S-shaped blades are suitable for chopping, mincing, and pureeing. Regardless of what model you choose, ensure it has sharp, faster, and dishwasher-safe blades.

Stability and Safety

Non-slip feet offer maximum safety to your food processor while processing foods. Besides, the locking mechanism delivers maximum safety – as the food processor doesn’t start before attaching the lid.

Ease of Use

The lightweight food processors are cost-effective, maneuverable, and, most importantly, easy to use. If you buy a large food processor, you’ll hardly find maneuverability in it.

Still, a good quality food processor should come with the instruction for its ease of use. So, look at this feature in the food processor.

Other Essential Features

The high-end food processor incorporates some unique features that keeps it at the top choice. Although considering these features aren’t mandatory, why shouldn’t you still expect something better while investing bucks in a durable kitchen appliance?

Here’s the multifunctional feature to consider in your high-end durable food processor.

Noise level

Buying a food processor means you must endure some extent of noise every day. But, if you take up a food processor high-end motor, it should make an endurable range of noise.

Dough Blade

For making the dough, besides grinding different spices, the food processor must have the dough blade.

Touchpad Controls

Maximum food processors are either button-operated or touchpad-operated. But the touchpad controls offer easier and specified control to the food processor.

Storage Case

Some food processors incorporate the storage case to store their accessories.

Feed Tube

The food processor with a broader feeding tube makes it easier to feed the recipes, like dips, sauces, soups, etc.


When considering its essential features, multiple speeds are the crucial features to look into a food processor.

Top Picks of The Best Food Processor

Whether you’re grinding onion or dicing, carrot and celery, you’ll need a food processor. Based on your food prep and cooking style, the type of the best food processor might vary.

But eventually, you must look for a food processor featuring multifunctionality and handling lots of operations. Here we’ve conscripted the best food processor reviews for various cooking applications.

1. Ninja Food Processor

The Ninja Auto food processor is one of the few models featuring a high-end motor and interchangeable blades. The blender delivers continuous chopping veggies, blending smoothies, and many more with a powerful blending motor.

This high-end processor incorporates interchangeable blades for accomplishing all the hard chores. Thanks to the Auto-IQ technology, the the-touch program does almost all sorts of cooking tasks.

Due to Auto-IQ technology, this Ninja food processor is well-recognized as a multi-server food processor.

Unlike the previous models of Ninja, this one can slice and shred fatty and thicker foods. You can feed an entire food into the food processor and will get an excellent outcome.


  • Offers quick and versatile use
  • Kneads the dough evenly and rapidly
  • Good food holding capacity
  • Delivers good outcomes


  • Incorporates the manual settings
  • Noisy effects might be painful

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

Featuring a 2.1 Liter processing bowl, the food processor is compatible and makes food for two people. Besides, the food processor has 1000-ice crushing technology making it different from others.

The durable, high-quality, interchangeable blades make the food processor compatible for easy blending. The food processor will do the task within just a minute, whether it’s slicing whole fruit or veggies.

Why Did We Like It?

From drinks to desserts, veggies to fruit, blend everything with our Ninja 3-in-1 food processor. Its multi-service blender can chop and blend everything with its interchangeable blades.

Another thing we loved about the food processor is the manual setting making it easy to use. The simple controls and dishwasher safety have kept the food processor in our top choice.

Final Verdict

Finally, our Ninja 3-in-1 food processor incorporates a good capacity for processing food for a family of six. If budget isn’t a huge factor, then we insist on investing in this Ninja food processor model.

2. Kenwood Food Processor

Do you want the best food processor and blender with variable speed control?

Then, we have the Kenwood food processor to keep the control of the machine in your hand.

Having the 3 dedicated speed control settings might confuse you when selecting the suitable level. But the auto speed function helps to overcome the problem. The function understands the required speed for processing your food and sets the speed accordingly.

Unlike others, the electric hand mixer features sharp reversible blades that offer thick slicing and grading. Inherently, thicker food like Cheese and photos needs thicker slicing.


  • Upgraded the dedicated storage
  • Interlock safety system a non-slip feet
  • Suitable for a large family of 6 members
  • Delivered with varieties of durable attachments


  • For the first few use, the locking mechanism stiffs

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The killer stainless-steel blades and beater of the auto-speed food processor are what you cannot ignore. The blades offer maximum durability despite chopping and pureeing widely, and the beater offers maximum strength despite baking widely.  

The beater interlock system and non-slip feet are other extraordinary features of the food processor. The interlock system doesn’t start the food processor until you lock the jar properly.

Contrarily, the non-slip feet prevent the mixer from moving until you complete your grinding. 

Why Did We Like It?

The hand mixer isn’t that heavy; besides, it takes less space to your kitchen countertop. The mixer can adjust itself anywhere in your small kitchen with a minimalistic design.

Moreover, this Kenwood food processor features dual rotating knife blades and a dedicated storage bag, unlike the Kenwood Multipro classic.

Final Verdict

Looking for the best stainless-steel silver and electric hand mixer for regular use? Consider the upgraded version of Kenwood food processor then, for overcoming the criticism.

3. LINKChef Food Processor

While reputable manufacturers offer the sturdiest mini food processor, we found LINKChef different with many features.

This Cuisinart mini food chopper has reversible motors and blades, making it suitable for various chores, including grinding, mincing, pureeing, chopping, etc.

User-friendliness is another most unbeatable feature of this mini food grinder. As the grinder’s size is compact, anyone with a little understanding can operate it adjusting anywhere.

Having a 900ml bowl, the food processor becomes suitable for everyday tasks in the kitchen. But, this food processor is unsuitable for more prominent families because it can process only a small quantity of food.


  • Longtime warranty (almost 5 years)
  • Practical and compact mini food processor
  • Easy to tackle, store, and clean
  • Saves up the room of your kitchen


  • Its build quality should be upgraded
  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty purposes

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The performance of the food processor is faster compared to its similar models. The pulse button allows you to chop and grind anywhere within just a second, thanks to its reversible stainless-steel blade.

Just don’t overload the food into the cooking companion. As the Cuisinart food chopper features a limited holding capacity, you can process a little food at once. 

Why Did We Like It?

The food processor incorporates a drizzle hole upwards of the lid, making it great for continuous liquid mixing. Particularly for making mayonnaise, you need to add the food ingredients until the end.

That’s what we found most exceptional in this medium-capacity hand mixer and food processor.

Final Verdict

This Cuisinart food processor is suitable for single and small families with a defined budget. Furthermore, if you have a shortage of your kitchen counter-space, get this kitchen companion.

4. KitchenAid Food Processor

Take our KitchenAid food processor if you want to replace your bulky food processor with a lightweight one. With a simple but stylish look, this compact food processor is used for various applications.

Although it’s a lightweight and compact kitchen appliance, it features multi-use attachments.

Honestly speaking, the attachments make the food processor suitable for processing food through copping, mixing, kneading, slicing, etc.

Due to the small footprint, the cooking companion doesn’t take up much space in your working place. Instead, you can easily set up the food processor on your countertop and store it while not in use.


  • Easy processing and dishwasher-safe cleaning
  • Delivers mess-free operation
  • Allows constant ingredients feeding


  • Motor needs to be upgraded
  • Warranty for limited years

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The premium food processor features 3 settings options – High, low, and pulse, easily controllable through its LED-illuminated paddles. Hardly, you’ll find the food processor with the easy-press LED-illuminated paddles.

Moreover, the leak-resistant bowl and sealed lid keep the mess absolutely minimum while processing the food. 

Why Did We Like It?

The 2-in-1 feeding tube is the most unique and described feature in the food processor. Without any restriction of ingredient size, you can insert almost any food through the feeding tube.

What we’ve found lacking about the food processor is that it comes without a storage case. Like some other KitchenAid models, this one doesn’t incorporate a storage case. But, cleverly, you can store the blades and other accessories in the bowl.

Final Verdict

This premium-grade food processor is perfect for a small family with the mini leak-resistant bowl and elegant look.

It cannot hold lots of ingredients at once, so, for the larger families, you’ll need to frequently process foods into the processor; otherwise, you must go for the large food processor.

5. Magimix Food Processor

With a professionally powerful motor and quiet operating features, this Magimix is one of the top-rated multifunctional food processors.

Operating the food processor will cause minimal disruption due to the built-in features. In contrast, the ultra-commercial grade motor incorporates 1100-wattage allowing the kitchen appliance to run spontaneously.

Besides, the food mixer comprises 3 large capacity ABS and BPA-free bowls with 3.7liter capacity. This allows the food processor to handle a blast of cooking applications for lots of people.

Unlike others, this quiet food processor features only three buttons – auto, pulse, and stop. Using the kitchen mechanism becomes more manageable because of these built-in three buttons.

Moreover, the auto setting will process the food ingredients with the required speed after inserting them. 


  • Dedicated and reliable Ultra-quiet motor
  • Straightforward usability
  • Premium and professional-graded kitchen appliance
  • Long-lasting motor


  • Runs at a faster speed
  • Needs time for washing the tall and big lid

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

With the minimalistic operating design, the food processor facilitates its operation. Food prep becomes more straightforward and effortless when you process your food within a short time.

Unlike other commercial-grade food processors, this one offers a 30-years aftercare warranty against the motor. Ultimately, this enhances our trust in the food processor.

Why Did We Like It?

Apart from the quick operation, the food processor reduces noise production. Rarely you’ll identify a food processor that causes such a lower noise despite featuring commercial-grade.

Final Verdict

This Magimix classic model incorporates giant capacity bowls and an ultra-quiet professional motor. All these features make the cooking helper the best choice for families with at least 6 members.

6. Smeg Food Processor

With a pretty unique and thoughtful design featuring an average powerful motor, the Smeg SMF02PBEU is the best stylist food processor.

It cannot grind, chop, shred or slice like other food processors; instead, it’s compatible with making dough for baking.

The food processor has a pretty robust body and is at least three times heavier than the budget WIKO model. The stainless-steel body construction is what makes the food processor heavyweight.

Besides making it robust, the stainless-steel body also brings an aesthetic look to this model.

The food processor incorporates a pretty powerful, robust motor for medium use when you look into its motor.

The motor’s power is 800-wattage; hence, if you ask for a more powerful robust motor, go with another highly powerful food processor.


  • Strong build quality with robust design
  • Delivers massive and impressive performance
  • Good for large families


  • Not for multipurpose
  • Not dishwasher-safe

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The pastel blue bowl of the Smeg food processor has a good food holding capacity of up to 4.8 liters. This means a food processor can easily handle the food requirement of a large family every day.

The holding capacity with the robust and durable design is what we found so good about this food processor.

Why Did We Like It?

Like most stainless-steel components, this Smeg food processor is also unsafe to wash with a dishwasher, so handwashing is preferable for the food mixer every time after use.

Still, we liked this food processor because it comprises a bowl with a wider mouth, making it easy to feed the ingredients.

Final Verdict

The Smeg SMF02PBEU is a cheap food processor with robust built-up. Once you buy this for your large family, you’ll admit this one is what you are looking for! 

7. NUTRiBULLET Food Processor

The Rx model from the original NutriBullet still does a good job with its built-in smart technology and 1700-wattage motor. Prepare your favorite delicious smoothie every time with the auto-smart technology and pre-programmed setting.

Indeed, the pre-programmed setting allows you to set the accurate speed required for making your desired smoothie.

Now, what about the horsepower motor?

With the heavy-duty motor, BPA-free oversized cup, and larger pitcher, the Nutribullet Rx blender delivers professional results.

The Nutribullet food processor features turbo extractor blades that facilitate cutting anything within just seconds. Moreover, the food processor doesn’t leak like others due to the fresh pitcher lid design. 


  • Delivers Simple instruction for easy using
  • Flexible blades removable for easy cleaning
  • Super blast food processing speed


  • Sturdiness should be upgraded
  • Generates lots of sounds

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The built-in smartest technology allows the food processor to prepare smoothies within 60 seconds.

In contrast, the motor with horsepower will never stop running until you make your favorite dish, soup. After activating the super blast mode, the food processor with its horsepower motor takes only seven minutes to prepare a delicious soup.

But give intervals for a sufficient time after a few minutes if you’re running the food processor for a long time. Otherwise, the motor will get hotter and get damaged.

Why Did We Like It?

The fact we loved about the Nutribullet is their easy cleanliness and powerful food processing. The sharp turbo extractor blades are easily removable; consequently, despite being oversized, cleaning the pitchers and cups of the food processor isn’t so tricky.

Contrarily, the horsepower motor keeps the machine ready for processing foods anytime.

Final Verdict

With various pitcher sizes and smart technology, the Nutribullet can serve small and large families. So, if you invest in this Nutirbullet food processor, it’ll be properly worth the investment.

8. Tefal Double Food Processor

If you want to get faster outcomes from your food processor, with the double force motors, the Tefal double food processor will be a fantastic choice for you.

The food mixer has a professional-graded powerful motor of 1000-wattage for quick and continuous food processing. Ideally, the food processor features 6-speed forces and 8 attachments for quickly grinding, slicing, kneading, and chopping foods.

Apart from food preparation, the accessories of the food processors are long-lasting and durable.

You’ll easily understand this truth when you look at the food processor’s blade. The sharp blades are coated with titanium that extends their life regardless of long-lasting usage.

Unfortunately, the food mixer is unsuitable for preparing hot liquids, like soup.

Still, you’ll get 30% faster results and 2X long-lasting performance with the titanium-coated sharp blades.


  • Delivers faster results and long-lasting performance
  • Good-quality motor
  • All accessories can go with you through the dishwasher


  • Not noise-proof
  • Not suitable for preparing hot liquids

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The food processor’s unique lid system is fascinating to our users. You can instantly and tightly lock the lids onto the food mixer before starting it.

Supremely, the food mixer won’t leak at all after locking the lid correctly. Indeed, food leakage is the most common problem we face while using a food mixer.

Why Did We Like It?

The primary purpose of buying and using the food processor is to reduce your cooking times. The Tefal premium food processor with its Two different motor outputs dedicatedly to making the food processing faster.

Faster and delicious food preparation becomes uncomplicated because of these motor constructions and their outcomes.

Moreover, the Tefal double food professor is easy to assemble, maintaining its consecutive and straightforward instructions. So, we have listed this double motor outcome food processor.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable premium-graded food processor, buy the Tefal double Pro DO821840 Multifunction Food Processor.

9. Bosch MultiTalent Food Processor

While it’s difficult to adjust the large food processor in a small kitchen, buy our Bosch MultiTalent MCM3501MGB for easy adjusting. 

The MultiTalent food processor comprises strong interchangeable attachments and stainless-steel sharp blades for versatile types of food prep. The blades and attachments allow for multiple food prep and keep the blender at our top recommendations.

With 800-wattage, the food processor’s motor is powerful enough to drive the blades and interchangeable attachments.

Moreover, the food mixer also incorporates suction feet, integrated cable storage, and a locking lid and bowl. The suction feet allow the food processor to stay in place, and the integrated cable storage allows the processor’s cable to be stored carefully.

Finally, the locking lid and bowl make the food processor operate effectively without food spillage.


  • Offers easy smoothie and coffee prep
  • Dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is easy
  • Delivers consistently good result


  • Inaccessible to some parts wastes some food

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

Unlike most other durable food processors, this MultiTalent food processor’s accessories are dishwasher-safe. Save your time in the kitchen by putting all the accessories into the dishwasher at once and bringing them out after cleaning.

Exceptionally, the food processor incorporates three double blades for chopping the food precisely. Hardly, you’ll find the food mixer with double blades that’ll deliver consistent outcomes.

Why Did We Like It?

The MultiTalent food processor features 50+ functionality, allowing it to grate the veggies to prepare smoothies. Afterward, the long jar allows the blender to prepare the smoothies super-fast.

Eventually, the food processor incorporates a complete package of accessories, making it a practical and effective kitchen appliance.

Final Verdict

The considerate size allows the blender to adjust almost everywhere and is easy-to-store. And if you want the best budget food processor with a compact design, the Bosch MultiTalent Food Processor must be designed for you.

10. Philips Food Processor

If you constantly like homemade foods, a multifunctional food processor, like Philips HR7510/11, must fulfill your demand.

With Quick-powered motor construction and power chop technology, the food processor delivers superior performance.

The motor construction can easily handle varieties of heavy-duty tasks, whereas the power chop technology offers more outstanding results for both the hard and soft ingredients.

Everything in the food processor is high-quality, durable, and multifunctional, from the double-sided disc to stainless steel blades. And the 29 multifunctional functions allow you to blend, grind, and chop anything you want.

Lastly, clean the attachments of the food processor quickly with the dishwasher, ensuring your hand’s safety. After all, your food processor is dishwasher-safe, isn’t so?


  • Offers color-coded guidance for easy food prep
  • Incredibly sharp blades and powerful motor
  • Dishwasher-Friendly attachments


  • Slightly tough to understand the use of lots of function

What’s So Good About the Food Processor?

The power chop technology includes everything inside the bowl, from the blade shape to its cutting angle. For this reason, the food chopper offers perfectly chopped veggies that you demand from a food processor.

Regardless, preparing any type of food is also easy with the processor because of its 2-speed and pulse settings. Use the setting systematically, considering the food’s type.

Why Did We Like It?

This multifunctional food processor incorporates the countertop-saver design like our previous ones. But, unlike other food processors, this one gets permanently adjusted with all your kitchen appliances.

Moreover, the feet sucker protects both the countertop holding the machine steadily when it comes to security.

Final Verdict

Do you require a multifunctional, powerful little processor with a sharp blade? Then, we bet you that you will love the Philips HR7510/11 multifunctional Food processor.

Why Invest at A Food Processor for Your Kitchen?

The food processor helps the cooks with easy blending, chopping, slicing, grinding, and shredding foods. Exceptionally, based on the food processor’s model, you can use it to prepare the cake batter, bread dough, 
So, you must use a food processor for easy food processing and preparation.

Is It Worth Having A Food Processor?

Having a food processor is really worth it, particularly when you’re uncertain about your knife operating skills. Not only that – the food processor makes the cooking faster and more enjoyable.
However, get a food processor if you’re deathly afraid of sharp tools but want to make your cooking enjoyable.

Is A Small Food Processor Worth It?

chopping board. The food blender comes with minimum budget, making it suitable for processing a small amount of food. But the investment is worth the food processor, as it doesn’t come at high-price.

Do Professional Chefs Use A Food Processor?

Professional chefs need to do the cooking process faster, so they need a multifunctional high-end food processor.
The high-end multifunctional food processor features a high-capacity motor with good blade performance, noise control, ease of use, and so on.

What Is the Simplest Food Processor to Use?

According to most users, the black and Decker 3-cup is the most simple food processor to use. Besides processing food, the clean-up processing of the chopper is also easy, making it compatible for the newbie cooks.

The Sum Up!

Before you welcome a new food processor, think about your purpose for using it. You might need a high-end food processor for a wide range of use like chopping, grinding, blending, etc.

But, your budget plan is also an important factor when buying an expensive kitchen appliance. Proximately, it’s slightly tough to identify a suitable food processor based on your demand.

Still, you can lessen the difficulties by applying our simple tips and tricks when buying the best food processor.